Wear it Worn

Patagonia, the outdoor clothing and gear company known as much for their products as their commitment to sustainability, is making worn clothing the fashion.

Beginning in April, the company will allow shoppers to bring used merchandise to local retail outlets to exchange for credits toward new purchases. Patagonia will clean and repair the surrendered items and resell them at a discounted rate on their new Worn Wear website.

An extension of an existing program, the Worn Wear warehouse already repairs more than 45,000 items per year. Patagonia also offers resources and repair kits for buyers to DIY.

Says company CEO Rose Marcario, “we want our friends and customers to learn that the single best thing you can do for the planet is to use stuff longer.”

A press release on the program stated that extending the life of an article of clothing by nine months results in a 20-30 percent savings in carbon, water and waste.



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