Treecycling Takes A Village

Since 2011, we have begun each year with Treecycling, our signature event and the one that has provided us the most opportunities to meet and work with some of the city’s finest sustainably-minded organizations. We have learned over the course of these years that it takes a village, several, in fact, to make Treecycling work. We are immensely grateful for the organizations that make it possible and for the work they do not just at the start of each year, but throughout.

Here, a bit about this year’s civic partners.

The Bella Vista Neighbors Association (BVNA) was formed twenty years ago as the Bella Vista Town Watch (BVTW). BVTW consisted of citizens concerned with quality of life issues like crime, blight and a lack of city services.

BVNA continues the work of BVTW with a focus on quality of life through civic engagement. The association represents 7,000 people residing between South Street and Washington Avenue, 6th Street and 11th Street. The commercial strips of South Street and the Italian Market are located within the neighborhood and speak to its vibrant culture.

BVNA committees include Public Safety, Zoning, Beautification, Communication, and Finance Fundraising. Their annual events include a home and garden tour, pumpkin carving and painting each fall, a winter toy drive, and a holiday social.

BVNA volunteers man the Treecycling site at the Rite Aid at 9th & Catherine.

The Friends of Jefferson Square Park are a group of residents who live near and utilize the park at 4th & Washington Avenue.

Chief among their goals is to make the space one that represents and serves the diverse community that borders it. To do this, the Friends offer music, movies and flea markets as well as regular cleanups. Through fundraising efforts, the group has gifted the park new benches, entrance urns, waste receptacles and water sources to care for the landscape.

The Friends will be rolling their sleeves up again this year to help manage the drop off and chipping hub for Treecycling at the park’s NW entrance.

Formed in 1969, the Queen Village Neighbors Association (QVNA) represents those living between 6th Street and the Delaware River and Lombard Street to Washington Avenue in what’s considered Philadelphia’s first neighborhood.

Through its committees, QVNA works to strengthen the community by engaging residents, leaders and city officials in conversations and programming.

QVNA is well-known for its robust support of public schools, after-school and summer enrichment programs as well as its work to improve quality of life through creative initiatives to engage and educate. The organization has one of the city’s most respected Zoning Committees and offers a Community Grants Program to further bridge gaps where services are lacking.

QVNA has treecycled with greenlimbs since 2011. This year, they will host sites at Bainbridge Green and 2nd & Lombard.

The Washington Square West Civic Association (WSWCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving conditions for residents and businesses from 7th Street to Broad Street and South Street to Chestnut Street. The primary goals of the organization, as set forth in the strategic plan, are to build membership, improve safety, enhance relationships with elected leaders, and work toward a litter-free community.

Of WSWCA’s initiatives, the Sidewalk Cleaning Drive and neighborhood cleanup days prove most popular. Sidewalks in the neighborhood are cleaned bi-weekly in cooperation with the Center City District, while paper-shredding, sweeping and supplemental trash pickups are arranged several times throughout the year.

After several years of participation at the Whole Foods Market site on South Street, WSWCA is hosting a Treecycling site at Louis I. Khan Park this year.

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