Sustainable Till The End

There are certain indisputable facts of life. One is that it will end. Another is that the ending is not, historically speaking, all that sustainable. Enter the Infinity Burial Suit.

A one-piece body suit to be worn at the end of life, the Infinity is stitched together by thread infused with mushroom spores. When buried, the mushroom spores remove toxins from the body allowing it to more naturally break down and return to the earth.

The suit was introduced to the world by its creator, Jae Rhim Lee of Coeio, in a 2011 Ted Talk. Lee is a visual artist and mushroom devotee. Her Infinity Burial Project looks at how we talk about and plan for death and our choices for how we’ll meet it.

In addition to breaking down the body, the Infinity Body Suit spares trees from being harvested to build caskets and eliminates the need for toxic embalming fluids. As an alternative to cremation, it keeps carbon dioxide emissions out of the atmosphere. The suits cost $999, which is significantly less than the cost of traditional funeral or cremation.

Coeio also makes an organic cotton shroud for pet burials.

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