Silverliner Vs Get Back on Track

Two months after cracks derailed them, SEPTA has put its first Silverliner V cars back on track.

Workers have been at it 12 hours a day 7 days a week to make repairs which include the severing of the cracked and broken equalizer bars and installation of new “saddles” which connect the bars to the train carriage with bolts rather than a welded notch. SEPTA general manager Jeff Knueppel says the repair makes the bars less susceptible to stress.

It will likely take another two months to complete repairs to the remaining cars, but with the addition of rented trains, full service is expected to be restored in early October. To alleviate congestion and delays in the meantime, passengers will have the option of taking express buses from some regional rail stations to the Broad Street and Market Frankford lines.

The cost of the repairs is still being calculated, but as the cars are still under warranty with Hyundai-Rotem, SEPTA won’t bear the bulk of the expense.

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