Rise Against being a Typical Band

Rise Against is an American hardcore rock band from Chicago.

Formed in 1999, the bank is made of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tim McIlrath, lead guitarist Zach Blair, bassist Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes. After a few years on an independent label, the band was signed in 2003 to Geffen records. All four albums released by Geffen were certified platinum in Canada; three were certified gold in the US.

In addition to their music, the band is known for their advocacy and commitment to social causes. Supporters of Amnesty International and the It Gets Better Project, the band members are also avowed vegetarians.

In their own words:

“I grew up in Chicago eating meat because I thought I had to. As soon as I learned that your body doesn’t need it, I couldn’t rationalize the suffering involved in meat production at every level and every farm. I took myself out of that cycle about 20 years ago and meat has only become more dangerous and environmentally damaging every year since then. It’s as simple as that, and now it’s exciting to be a part of Veg culture and watch it grow worldwide every year!”

-Tim McIlrath

“I was raised in Texas, am still very much a Texan, and always will be. Eating meat is part of the culture here and you’re raised to have some sort of pride in the fact that the Bar-B-Que in Texas is the best in the world.  As soon as I found out what cruelty was involved behind that boasting and that culture I made the decision and have never regretted it. My resolve is strengthened everyday living here and knowing that my decision is my voice, my activism, and that the choice places me against the grain in a state where I’m an outcast.”

-Zach Blair

“Living a vegetarian lifestyle means taking a stance against animal abuse, supporting a healthy environment, and maintaining good health. What most people don’t realize is how inefficient it is to produce beef. 1 acre of land can produce 50,000 tomatoes, 40,000 pounds of potatoes and only 250 pounds of beef.”

-Joe Principe

Rise Against will hit the road this summer (with Killswitch Engage and letlive) in support of their seventh studio album, The Black Market (released by Interscope Records). Working with Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), the band will donate $0.50 of each ticket to various environmental and civil rights non-profit organizations.

In support of the #PhillyVegPledge, the band has donated several pairs of tickets to their July 22 show at the Festival Pier at Penns Landing. Tickets will be raffled off Thursday, April 22 at P.S. & Co. during the Humane League’s 2015 Veg Dining Guide release party (6-10pm, 1706 Locust Street). Pairs will also be given away following the Pledge. Stay tuned to @greenlimbs and @humaneleaguephl for more details.

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