Philly Spring Cleanup

The City of Philadelphia has announced their 4th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2011 (rain date, Saturday, April 9).

Because this year’s event builds on the success of last year’s success, it has been themed “Keep Up the Sweep Up.” 

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During the Cleanup, city officials will take to the streets alongside civic associations, block captains, local non-profits, and thousands of individual residents to bag litter and debris and clean and green our city spaces.  The events will further the city’s sustainability goals and empower residents to put an end to litter and illegal dumping.

Events and cleanup crews are being formed all over the city and greenlimbs is thrilled to announce that we’ll be helping to “Keep Up the Sweep Up” by hosting an event in South Philadelphia (300-600 Washington Avenue).  We’re recruiting volunteers to help bag trash and recycling as well as tend trees and prepare beds for spring planting (we will have a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society trained tree tender in our group).  You can sign up to volunteer with us through the Streets Department site or by emailing us directly.

Size, Scope and Significance

Cleanup Site “Before” Pictures

Spring Cleanup Recap

Cleanup Day Pictures

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