Paris Bids More Plastics Adieu

When Paris bans something, it can lead to international outrage. The city’s latest ban, though, is being received more positively.

In an effort to reduce pollution, the city has announced a ban on plastic cutlery. Single-use cutlery must be biologically sourced and compostable by the year 2020. The proposed ban comes on the heels of a ban on plastic bags that went into effect in July and following the Paris Agreement to fight global warming.

The ban was proposed by the Europe Ecologie-Greens Party. Included in it are single-use plastic cups, glasses, plates and utensils.

Opponents of the ban argue it will hurt consumers. An organization representing European package manufacturers, Pack2Go Europe, has threatened to file suit. Others argue that there is no scientific proof that biodegradable cutlery will benefit the environment and warn that promoting products as such will actually increase instances of litter.

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