Greenlimbs is a site dedicated to the dissemination of sustainable information in a common sense, practical way.  Whether it is by picking up litter, starting a community garden, or petitioning lawmakers to act on behalf of their constituents’ right to clean drinking water and affordable, sustainable housing, we at greenlimbs believe that everyone has the ability to enhance their lives by making practical, responsible decisions.   

Being green is no longer a hippy ideal or chic way of life for the wealthy.  And it is no longer just about limiting our use of plastics—though that is certainly a good place to start—it’s about being conscious consumers and advocates for our own wellbeing.  Being green is about understanding how simple changes to our daily routine can improve not just our lives, but our communities.

At greenlimbs we believe wellbeing and sustainability are achieved by making simple changes, or “branching out.”  We aspire to branch out each day by questioning our habits, challenging norms, and encouraging others to do the same.  We imagine ourselves as unique individuals linked to one another and the planet just as limbs are to a tree.